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Dec 17, 2010 at 10:07 AM

Migration from Crystal Report 9 RDC to CR 2008 using the JRC


I am writing this request to you in order to obtain some help and advices for our migration work regarding Crystal Report RunTime component.

We bought recently CR2008 Developer as we were using Crystal Report 9 for our Windows Java application and miore specifically the embedded RunTime component (RDC). We need to migrate our application to Windows 7, then we have been obliged to upgrade our Crystal Report to CR 2008 as Crystal Report 9 is not Windows 7 compatible.

We faced then an issue as the RunTime component we were using is no more available u2018as isu2019 in Crystal Report XII.

Thanks to the available white paper from the SAP support Website, we have been able to identify the relevant component to be used in CR 2008 solution, ie JRC.

However, there is no automatic correspondence between old Crystal Report 9 API (in C++) to CR 2008 JRC API.

We have been able to identify some correspondences, but for other we did not identify direct correspondence.

For example we did not find direct correspondence for


The Crystal Report 9 methods, we used, and with probable correspondence with CR 2008 methods are:

GetPrinterName -> 
GetPaperSize -> 
GetPaperSource -> 
PutPaperSize -> 
PutPaperSource -> 
PutFormatType -> setExportFormatType(ReportExportFormat exportFormatType)
LogOnServer -> com.crystaldecisions.reports.sdk.DatabaseController.logon(sUser, sPassword) 

This study has been done with Crystal Report 9 documentation (cr9_Techref_en.pdf) and javadoc available for Crystal Report 11r2 (we did not find the javadoc for CR 2008 or Crystal Report XII).

The results are the following:

u2022 7 methods out of 20 do have a correspondence

u2022 7 methods seem to have a relevant correspondence

u2022 6 methods for which we did not find a correspondence

I would like to know if you can help us on the following points:

u2022 Can you confirm us that Java API for CR 2008 is the same than Crystal X1 R2 (the last being available on

u2022 Can you check and modify our mapping above?

u2022 Can you help us for the missing correspondences?

u2022 Can you provide us with documentation or other customer past experience facing the same problem in order to smooth our migration task?

Thanks in advance