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Dec 17, 2010 at 06:32 AM

issue about value automap in import manager


HI ,expert

I have met an urgency problem.

in import manager.

the destination field "Obsolete" type : Boolean. two fixed value: Yes ,No

I make a value mapping :

source "ActionCode" value: 04 mapping Yes (destination value)

source "ActionCode" value: 05 mapping No (destination value)

and save.

But when one value is 04, and next value is 05, the system didn't automap, and put the XML file into folder :Exception/StructuralX/.

how to make it automap everytime?

even I make changes:

source value: 04 mapping 04 (destination value)

source value: 05 mapping 05 (destination value)

the system didn't automap also.