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Apr 16, 2004 at 08:25 PM

Current date to invoke BW iView in the portal


Hello Friends:

We have Java iviews and BW query iviews on the same page. They have eventing between them to pass values. But for the first time when the page is loaded, the BW iView is invoked by the portal runtime as a simple URL with no additional parameters. You may pass parameters along with values, but they have to be constants or static. It means, you can't pass for example, today's date, dynamically. But the design of our BW query requires that a date has to be passed, otherwise a variable entry form will be shown to enter date, which is not acceptable. Normally when user starts interacting you can build URL strings with all sorts of parameters to invoke any BW query iViews. But for the first time ...

So is there a way to include current date, in the URL used by portal runtime when the page with BW iView is being loaded.

Your help is appreciated.

Prasad Nutalapti.