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Apr 16, 2004 at 10:03 AM

Usage of RoadMap ELement


Hi there,

I would like build a wizard and therefore use the RoadMap element - but: I'm not able to find any examples of the usage of RoadMap as well as of RoadMapStep.

As far as I understand the (very small, let's say: too small) API-doc, in a wizard there should be exactly one RoadMap element. So I have got a ViewSet (two rows, one col), in the upper cell a view with the RoadMap element, in the lower cell the view with the actual content of the wizard (so: the step).

Main questions:

1.) How do I initialize the RoadMap? (I.e. how to add steps - sure, .add(...), but how to create the step?)

2.) How will the framework display the steps? (Even if I would have built up a RoadMap with let's say four steps, there is no method like .setActiveStep or so; is there any automatism built in?)

It would be great to get a complete example how to built up a RoadMap, how the framework usage works, .. and so on. If there shouldn't be something like this, at least some hints concerning the questions would be great.

Thanks in advance