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Dec 16, 2010 at 09:43 AM

ITSmobile error in dev_icf1 - JavaScript error in Internet Explorer



I have configured an ITSmobile scenario on a customer system. It is a standard scenario using transaction LM01.

I created a service (zlm00) in SICF and the according service and templates in SE80.

Calling the service in Internet Explorer (http://<IP>:<Port>/zlm00) works fine regarding the logon screens and the menu structur after logging in. However all the buttons (menu of LM01 and SAP standard icons like the green and the red dot) don't work/are displayed correctly (Icons are "x"ed, menu buttons are not in the CSS design).

There is a CSS Sheet configured but it also doesn't work.

The IE is showing an JavaScript Error "Object expected".

I checked the whole configuration and compared it to another installation with the LM00 sceanario: Everything is similar and correct.

I republished the services SYSTEM, WEBGUI (which I tested aswell and it show the same problem: No icons are displayed and buttons don't work (no logon possible)), ZLM00 and the IAC.

I deleted the browser cache every time and the Template and MIME Cache aswell (TA sitspmon).

Running out of ideas I checked the trace files in the work directoy (/usr/sap/<instance>/work) and found the following entries in dev_icf1:

<ErrorInfo URL="">

<ErrorMessage>Melden Sie sich mit einem Dialogbenutzer an</ErrorMessage> ---> translation: "Log on with a dialog user"






















What can I do to fix the problem? User SAPSYS doesn't exist in client 000.

Thanks in advance and kind regards

Stefan Schaffert