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Apr 15, 2004 at 08:34 AM

[Newbie] various general questions about XI



I'm trying to dive into XI at the moment and read the SAP Help for XI but many things are not clear to me.

<b>1. Pipelines</b>

I learned that Pipelines consist of several elements. These elements are using the Pipeline Services. What I didn't understand is whether there are only 3 Pipeline Services (logical and technical routing and mapping)? Is it possible to include own services? Which programming languages are supported for that?

Also I wonder if one can compare Pipelines to the Message-Flows within Websphere BI Message Broker (formerly MQ Integrator Broker)? Can Pipelines adapt such complex scenarios as Message-Flows can (e.g. output of messages to more than one receiver, compose output-messages out of several input-messages or database-entries)? Or is that the purpose of the business processes (handled by the bp-engine)? And if so how does the bp-engine use Pipelines? (and more general, what is the difference of bp-engine and integration engine - Especially about the bp-engine I found only rare information in the online help)

<b>2. Proxies</b>

Proxies are generated out of message-interface-descriptions in the integration server. They transform proprietary message-formats to the XI-Message-format. They communicate with the proxy-runtime. But what's the task of the proxy runtime (is it just like an API)? Is the proxy-runtime a part of the integration engine?

Do I need a WAS 6.40 to use the proxies of XI 3.0 or is it enough to have any SAP WAS?

<b>3. Tools</b>

Development, configuration and administration is done with the integration builder and monitoring with the runtime workbench?

<b>4. Pricing</b>

I can't find any piece of information about the price of XI 3.0 + WAS 6.40

<b>5. JMS-Adapter</b>

I read that the JMS-Message must already be formatted in XML? So the JMS-Adapter does no transformation? Does that mean I can not integrate existing applications which for example send plain text to MQ Series - do I have to make the transformation of that plain text within my application?

Thanks for you time.

Torsten Thuemmler