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Apr 14, 2004 at 02:40 PM

Problem with Inbound FTP/File Adapter


I´m getting a problem with Inbound FTP/File Adapter.

We need to poll a FTP Server to get text documents and submit them to XI 2.0. When the ftp server has files which match the "file.sourceFileName" parameter, no problem. In this case, the file adapter fetch the files and process them normally.

However, if don´t exist files on the server to get then it throws an error and STOP my file inbound adapter in the adapter engine.

That´s the error in the log:

(4050) ERROR: Unexpected exception " *.txt: No such file or directory." occurred

It seems a known bug with java ftp implementations and linux ftp servers. The ftp return code to an empty list in a LS command is not recognized by the java class calling it and so it throws an exception.

Thanks by any help,