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MSA Replication Setup from ASE 12.5.4 to ASE 15.7

Dec 08, 2016 at 09:38 AM


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I have two questions

1) Is it possible to have an MSA setup i.e. full DB replication from ASE 12.5 to ASE 15.7.1 using the latest replication server 15.7.1 ?

if yes, are there anythings to be prepared for?

2) Does MSA leave the Replicate DB in writable mode or readonly or do we have a choice?

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2 Answers

Mark A Parsons Dec 08, 2016 at 04:53 PM

1) There are several references to ASE 12.5 in the RS 15.7.1 manuals so I wouldn't expect any issues with replicating out of ASE 12.5.4 (through RS 15.7.1) to ASE 15.7 ... keeping in mind that the ASE 12.5.4 repagent won't be able to provide newer capabilities that have been added to the repagent since ASE 15.0 was introduced (eg, PK column details, statement replication, multi-path replication, etc).

As for anything to be prepared for ... *shrug* ... short of opening a case with tech support to see if they would scour through 10+ years of cases/bugs, I'd suggest setting up the proposed environment and run it through its paces.

2) MSA (and Repserver in general) does not determine if the RDB is writable or not, that's up to the DBA to determine access permissions in the RDB.

NOTE: Obviously (?) if the DBA sets the RDB db option 'read only' = true then the RS/DSI connection won't be able to write to the RDB.

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Humayun Manzer Dec 12, 2016 at 03:43 PM

I was referring to the inherent read-only status that a warm-standby requires. So you say, that MSA can keep the db in online state.

One of my mate was also checking with SAP staff and they gave quite contradictory answers. In the picture, would you be able to comment?

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You've touched on a few different topics that aren't necessarily related (at least not based on the limited info presented so far in this thread) ...


1 - There is nothing Repserver does that infers any sort of 'inherent read-only status'; what I can say is that Repserver must have write access to the RDB

2 - If you and/or your company have a requirement to keep non-Repserver writes out of the RDB then it is up to the DBA (perhaps in conjunction with application developers) to configure the RDB in such a way that a) the Repserver can write to the RDB while b) not allowing other processes to write to the RDB


3 - It appears that your exchange with SAP includes something called a 'ff requirement'; I have no idea what 'ff requirement' refers to, nor how - if at all - it relates to the basic question of replicating from ASE 12.5.4 to ASE 15.7.

4 - I have no idea what context your mate and Angus/SAP are working in so I've got no idea what 'backward compatible' has to do with 'ff requirement' or whether or not it's possible to replicate from ASE 12.5.4 to ASE 15.7 ???


5 - You've mentioned warm-standby and MSA; from a Repserver point of view, these terms represent two different methods for performing db-level replication; warm-standby has the ability (via the 'switch active') command to change the direction of replication ... which in your case would mean replicating from ASE 15.7 to ASE 12.5.4 ... which would likely cause some major outages (and I'm *guessing* this may be what Angus may have been referring to when he says they are not 'backward compatible'); MSA is a one-way replication setup so while MSA from ASE 12.5.4 to ASE 15.7 is related to your original question, MSA from ASE 15.7 to ASE 12.5.4 would likely cause major outages (and again, I'm *guessing* Angus may have been commenting about the inability of replicating from ASE 15.7 to ASE 12.5.4).


6 - The response from Angus@SAP does not answer the basic question: Is it possible to replicate from ASE 12.5.4 to ASE 15.7?


I would disagree that my previous answer/post and Angus' response are contradictory ... it appears (to me) that you're trying to compare apples and oranges ...

I was responding to the basic question: Is it possible to replicate from ASE 12.5.4 to ASE 15.7?

Angus appears to be responding to a different set of questions/issues; and while replication from ASE 12.5.4 to ASE 15.7 makes up part of Angus reply, he's also responding to issues on which you have yet to provide any details (ie, 'ff requirement', 'backward compatibility').