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I am trying to use XML/XSLT/CALL TRANSFORMATION to write an ABAP list. Any pointer on this direction would be of great help. (i am not looking at transforming the XML into an internal table using XSLT and then use ABAP Write statement to write the list - i am looking at a similar function where the XML parser at ABAP side to do this job - something like when we transform XML to HTML using XSLT where you will straightaway see the result in browser).

I am not sure whether i have explained it clearly. In case if i am not clear , please do ask me.



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1 Answer

  • Posted on Apr 23, 2004 at 07:57 AM

    The direct display of HTML as a result of CALL TRANSFORMATION is just a test tool that should help developing XSLT programs but nothing you can include into your application.

    In your own applications you always gat the naked result data - for example as a string or internal table - and you have to manage the display on your own. Directly creating list data is not possible because there's no such thing like an "ABAP list format" similar to HTML. ABAP lists are the result of more or less complicated WRITE statements. Or in other words, the representation of an ABAP list is the program that writes it.

    So you have to take the resulting internal table of your transformation and let a program write the list onto the screen.


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