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Apr 12, 2004 at 03:53 AM

Error in generated code after importing WSDL model


hi all,

i encountered errors when creating custom controller linked to a webservice model.

-webservice model is taken from

-On applying template for custom controller, i got following errors in code generated.

--method <i>wdDoInit</i> implementation is missing complete path of the model element.

<i> //@@begin wdDoInit()

//$$begin Service Controller(-308771993)

wdContext.nodeRequest().bind(new <b>Request_TemperaturePortType_getTemp</b>());



---The above was fixed by giving complete path of model element.

<i>(new <b></b>Request_TemperaturePortType_getTemp()</i>

-And also model invoke method <i>executeRequest</i> has compilation errors.

<i> public void executeRequest( ) {

//@@begin executeRequest()

//$$begin Service Controller(190476535)




} catch(Exception ce) {

<b>// MessageManager manager = (MessageManager)wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getMessageManager();</b>

<b>// manager.reportException(ce.getLocalizedMessage(), false);</b>



-class <i>MessageManger</i> is not resolved. i commented exception handling if you notice.

i dont know if i missed something. thanks in advance for any guidance.