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Dec 14, 2010 at 08:03 AM

CRXI and VB6 - Excel optionsu200F


Dear All,

this post comes from: crxi-and-vb6---excel-optionsu200f

I created a report using CR 11.5 SP4.

I'm exporting it to excel format (see the options):

This is the output:

How can I obtain the same result using VB6 code?

This code I wrote I think is not correct

crxExportOptions.FormatType = ExcelExportFormat

crxExportOptions.ExcelUseFormatInDataOnly = True

crxExportOptions.ExcelAreaType = crReportHeader

crxExportOptions.ExcelMaintainColumnAlignment = True

crxExportOptions.ExcelExportPageAreaPair = crExportPageAreaPairOncePerReport

crxExportOptions.ExcelChopPageHeader = True

because the excel file output has a wrong format as shown:

Which is/are other option/s to specify in order to have a correct excel output?

I also did this:

1) I removed previous installation of Merge Modules 6.4

2) I installed CRXI with SP6 installed

Doing point 1 and 2 and code you suggested in a previous post I have no solution because my output excel file still has empty columns:

I have the same problem using Merge Modules 6.4 updated to SP6!

Believe me: I'm getting crazy

This is the view from design:

This is from preview:

I checked on preview section and my report has no fields to be delete as you can see!

I think I'm missing some options to set via VB6 code...

Thank...a lot if you solve my problem :-P

Help me