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Former Member
Apr 05, 2004 at 01:15 PM

Annymous Access to EP6 KM Resositories


I am attempting to build a external facing portal that has informostion available to the general public. This information will fit nicely in a EP6 KM repository. I am having problems making the site work.

I am using the "Guest" ID approach. Where I launch the portal with a guest ID "j_user" and access iViews that are assigned the "guest" authorization scheme. This works for all iViews that are not KM related. I have created a separate reposiroty and gave the "anonymous" group read access. I then created explorer view iViews to the repository and assigned the iView the "guest" authorization scheme. However, when ever I try access any of the KM related iViews I get prompted for a user ID and password.

Has anyone successfully attepmted this type of access to KM?