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Apr 05, 2004 at 11:25 AM

DI:Batch-Numbers Object only adds BatchNumbers to table OIBT


The PurchaseDeliveryNotes-Object has a BatchNumbers object. With this BatchNumbers- Object it is possible to add BatchNumbers to Items and this Information that will be written to the table OIBT. That works fine.

Doing the opposite, that means getting Items from stock, I use the DeliveryNotes-Object which has as well the BatchNumbers object. This will not remove the BatchNumbers Information from the table OIBT. It’s just doing the opposite, it will as well add Batch Numbers to the table OIBT.

This seems to me like being a mistake in the BusinessLogic of the DeliveryNotes-Object

My question:

Why is DeliveryNotes->Lines>BatchNumbers not removing Batch Numbers from table OIBT ?

The lines of code used for the DeliveryNotes-Object


Dim sbo_bns As New SAPbobsCOM.BatchNumbers

Dim sbo_dn As SAPbobsCOM.Documents

Dim lReturnCode As Long

Set sbo_dn = sbo_cx.GetBusinessObject(Object:=oDeliveryNotes)

With sbo_dn

.DocDueDate = VBA.Date

.CardCode = "C00001"

With .Lines

.ItemCode = “BI100").StringValue

.Quantity = 2

.ShipDate = VBA.Date

.WarehouseCode = "01"

.Price = 10.5

With .BatchNumbers

.BatchNumber = "Bnr20.1019"

.Quantity =2

End With

End With

lReturnCode = .Add

End With