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Apr 04, 2004 at 08:31 PM

How to get started with SAP from J2EE background?


Hi All,

This is in fact seeking some advice from my experienced friends over there.

I have been working in the area of Java/J2EE platform for Intranet and Internet based Enterprise apps. Been around for almost 5 years.

My major expertises are : OOA/D & Development Framework, JSP/Servlet (Struts fw), EJB, OR Mapping tools and JDBC (though my main strenght is implemnting the business process in the middleware). I have experience of designing/architecting of 3 concrete J2EE projects which are currently running at customer's site.

Now I feel that, I need to move to something new to add some "glamour" to my CV and future career. I was just reading around the market of SAP and others. And I thought moving to SAP would be a good idea.

I just wanted to ask what should be my starting point ? What should be the steps to move to SAP?From my experience I know, its really hard to get inside of a technology w/o working on at least one real time project. But I have to start at some point. I would just like to receive some input from all of you.


Ahmed Ferdous