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Apr 02, 2004 at 02:49 AM

Unable to install Sneak Preview 6.40 parallel to Test Drive 6.10


Last fall, I installed WAS 6.10 Test Drive in conjunction with Web AS 6.30 Netweaver Studio Sneak Preview. This was a hairy install, for a number of reasons, but I ultimately got it to work, and I could write ABAP programs and talk to Java programs developed in NetWeaver Studio using JCo. However, the laptop all that was installed on was a 700 MHz, 256 MB system, and abysmally slow.

I now have a new laptop with 1.5GB of memory, running at 3.06 GHz, and I'd like to do my testing development there. I have successfully re-installed Was 6.10 Test Drive, and all is well. The WA1 instance is working ok (and considerably more responsive, I might add!). DBMCLI reports that the db version installed is 7.3.0.

So here's the problem: I'd like to install the Web AS 6.40 Sneak Preview I spent all day downloading. However, the install crashes early on. The install log reports:

ERROR 2004-04-01 18:03:45

CJS-00081 Assertion failed: in

function InstallationScript_62() {

var installer = new Installer();

var kdb = new KeyDB();

var context = new Context();

var gui = new Gui();

and then there's reams of Java code.

Somehow I ended up looking at a file named XCMDOUT.LOG, where I see:

Execute Command : C:\sapdb\programs\pgm\dbmcli.exe -s dbm_version

Execute Session Command : exit

> Subprocess stops at 20040401174948


VERSION = 7.3.0

BUILD = DBMServer 7.3.0 Build 015-000-070-423

OS = WIN32

INSTROOT = C:\sapdb\WA1\db

LOGON = True


SWAP = full


INSTANCE = (unknown)

SYSNAME = Windows

So: why is the install stopping? Is it unhappy because the SAPDB version is not the same as the one it expects? If so, is there a way to "upgrade" the currently installed SAPDB, so that the Sneak Preview will be satisfied?

I would install the two systems in reverse order, only the 6.10 Test Drive install refuses to install if it sees another DB already installed (Or is there a way around that particular problem?)

I know there's got to be a way to get this done. I read someplace on this forum that one might install an "empty" 7.5 version of maxdb SAP RTE before running the 6.40 Sneak Preview install - do you think that would work?

I'm just an ABAPer at heart, trying to move up into the Java world, and really don't know anything at all about SAPDB installs, instances, etc. Can someone offer me some advice how to accomplish what I'm trying to do?