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Apr 01, 2004 at 01:36 PM

Publish iView error in EP 5.0


When running iView from EP 5.0, after creating iView from within Web Application Designer (WAD), by selecting “Publish -- > As iView file for enterprise portal 5.0”, I am getting the following error.

Component cannot be rendered

Error in SAPApplication component occured

These are the steps I am following while publishing iView from WAD for EP 5.0.

-- > web template Publish -- > As iView file for enterprise portal 5.0 -- > save file locally in C drive.

-- >Portal -- > Portal Admin -- > Import

-- > Import window

select files to import from client/server….--- > I select “client”

file ..browse -

> I select the .ivu file saved in C drive.

Overwrite behavior for existing content .. None/overwrite all ….-- > I select “None”

Click “Import” button.

I greatly appreciate if you let me know any missing steps.

Note : But, for the same web template, it is running fine When I create a iView (Java / .Net iView) directly from within the portal 5.0.

Did any one see this kind of problem?

I appreciate your help.

Thanks in Advance