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How do I migrate my SDS and SLT interfaces to SDI?

Dec 08, 2016 at 08:19 AM


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Currently, we are using SAP Data Services and SLT for ETL and HANA loading. In future, we want to shift to SDI (Smart Data Integration). So, to avoid starting again from scratch, does SAP provide me any tool/feature for making this migration of objects from my ETL tool to SDI possible? (I want to retain the already existing interfaces without having to start from scratch)

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Dec 15, 2016 at 06:58 PM

Hi Rachit,

SDI is not a successor for Data Services or SLT. It serves a very specific use case only: loading data into a HANA database. A tool like SAP Data Services is much broader and can do any-to-any data integration. Both SLT & DS are actively being enhanced, so these products are definitely not "dead".

But if your use case is (mainly) to load data into HANA, and you are currently using a combination of SLT and DS for this, you might indeed consider to consolidate on one platform, and use what is natively available inside HANA: SDI. However, currently I would not recommend such a migration, SDI is indeed still pretty new and still catching up with very mature tools like DS or SLT. For a brand new project, with a scope that falls into SDI's sweet spot (load data in real time to HANA), it would recommend SDI though.

Migration from DS to SDI is not possible yet, but we plan to have a bi-directional migration available. In fact we want to have a common design UI that can generate either SDI or DS tasks. This is listed in the SAP Data Services (long term) roadmap.




Product manager SAP HANA Cloud Integration for data services and HANA smart data integration

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Thanks Ben for insights!

One follow-up query specific to SLT to SDI migration. Is it possible for SDI to pick replication from where SLT stopped.

Meaning we create virtual tables mapping in SDI with same name as SLT and also use same table names used by SLT.

Does SDI perform complete reload on first run or it will understand that since some data already exists in HANA DB only replicate new delta after last SLT replicated record.

Thanks in advance!



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Former Member Dec 15, 2016 at 03:00 AM

Hi Rachit

SDI so new tool. It was recently released by SAP not all the functionality is still available. In the feature it will be enhanced to get the full or similar functionality of SAP DS. At the moment as far as I know there is no tools available for conversion or up gradation.



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