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connecting xMII with SAP PM


can anyone tell me how to connect xMII with SAP PM.

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    Posted on Dec 14, 2010 at 02:03 PM

    STEP 1: configure the ECC system.

    STEP 2: provide crendtials.

    STEP 3: Create a BLS Transaction with JRA or JCo action block.

    STEP 4: select the configured ECC system and its credentials.

    STEP 5: Provide the BAPI details as required:

    List of Standard BAPIs used in PM:


    BAPI_EQUI_CHANGE PM BAPI: Change Equipment

    BAPI_EQUI_CREATE PM BAPI: Create Equipment


    BAPI_EQUI_DISMANTLE PM BAPI: Install Equipment (Functional Location, Superior Equipment)


    BAPI_EQUI_GETLIST BAPI PM: Selection of Equipment List

    BAPI_EQUI_GETSTATUS PM BAPI: Read (System-/User-)Status Equi

    BAPI_EQUI_INSTALL PM BAPI: Install Equipment (Functional Location, Superior Equipment)

    BAPI_EQMT_CREATE Create equipment

    BAPI_EQMT_DETAIL Read details for equipment

    BAPI_EQMT_DISMANTLEFL Dismantle equipment at functional location

    BAPI_EQMT_DISMANTLEHR Dismantle equipment from equipment hierarchy

    BAPI_EQMT_GETCATALOGPROFIL Determine catalog profile for equipment

    BAPI_EQMT_GETLISTFORCUSTOMER Select customer equipment

    BAPI_EQMT_INSTALLFL Install equipment at functional location

    BAPI_EQMT_INSTALLHR Install equipment in equipment hierarchy

    BAPI_EQMT_MODIFY Change equipment




    BAPI_FUNCLOC_CHANGE PM BAPI: Change Functional Location

    BAPI_FUNCLOC_CREATE PM BAPI: Create Functional Location

    BAPI_FUNCLOC_GETDETAIL PM BAPI: Read Functional Location

    BAPI_FUNCLOC_GETLIST BAPI PM: Read List of Functional Locations (with Internal Key)

    BAPI_FUNCLOC_GETSTATUS PM BAPI: Read (System-/User-) Status of Functional Location

    BAPI_FUNCLOC_SET_LABEL_SYSTEM BAPI PM: User-Dependent Setting of Current System Indicator




    BAPI_ALM_CONF_CANCEL Cancel confirmation for maintenance/service order

    BAPI_ALM_CONF_CREATE Create confirmation for maintenance/service order

    BAPI_ALM_CONF_GETDETAIL Detailed data for maintenance/service order confirmation

    BAPI_ALM_CONF_GETLIST List of maintenance/service order confirmations

    BAPI_ALM_GET_PROP Propose Data for Time Confirmation


    BAPI_ALM_COMPONENT_GET_DETAIL Read Detail Data for a Component

    BAPI_ALM_OPERATION_GET_DETAIL Read Detail Data for an Operation

    BAPI_ALM_ORDERHEAD_GET_LIST Determination of a List of Maintenance/Service Orders from Selection

    BAPI_ALM_ORDEROPER_GET_LIST Determination of a List of Operations from Selection

    BAPI_ALM_ORDER_GET_DETAIL Reading of Detail Data for an Order

    BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN Process Maintenance-/Service Order


    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_CHANGEUSRSTAT Change User Status of a PM/CS Notification

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_CLOSE Complete PM/CS Notification

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_CREATE Create PM/CS Notification

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_DATA_ADD PM/CS Notification: Add Data

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_DATA_DELETE PM/CS Notification: Delete Data

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_DATA_MODIFY PM/CS Notification: Change Data

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_GET_DETAIL PM/CS Notification: Read Detail Data

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_LIST_EQUI Select PM/CS Notifications by Equipment

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_LIST_FUNCLOC Select PM/CS Notifications by Functional Locations

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_LIST_PARTNER Select PM/CS Notifications by Partners

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_LIST_PLANGROUP Select PM/CS Notifications by Maintenance Planner Group

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_LIST_SORTFIELD Select PM/CS Notifications by Sort Field

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_POSTPONE Reset PM/CS Notification


    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_SAVE Save PM/CS Notification

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_TASK_COMPLETE PM/CS Notification: Complete Task

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_TASK_RELEASE PM/CS Notification: Release Task

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_TASK_SUCCESS PM/CS Notification: Set Task to Successful

    BAPI_SERVICENOTIFICAT_CREATE Create service notification

    BAPI_SERVICENOTIFICAT_GETLIST Select service notifications according to customer or contact person


    BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT Execute external Commit when using BAPIs

    BAPI_TRANSACTION_ROLLBACK Execute external Rollback when using BAPIs


    MEASUREM_DOCUM_RFC_SINGLE_001 RFC MeasDocument: Individual Processing, Create

    MEASUREM_DOCUM_RFC_SINGLE_002 RFC MeasDocument: Individual Processing, Change/Display or Read

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    Posted on Dec 13, 2010 at 11:25 AM


    You can connect SAP MII with SAP PM (Module) through BAPI. Go through the link for more information.

    Goto SAP xApp Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence -> Data Services -> Configuring SAP Servers

    Once you are done with configuration, open SAP xMII Workbench

    SAP xApp Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence -> Data Services -> SAP xMII Workbench for more information.


    Rajesh Sivaprakasam

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  • Posted on Dec 13, 2010 at 03:10 PM

    There's example trx's which can be found in the sticky titled "MII Manufacturing Templates Updated".


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