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Dec 13, 2010 at 09:59 AM

logon help sending no email



We are trying to activate the logon help in the portal we use net weaver CE 7.2. And all looks good but the system does not send an e-mail when a user is requesting to reset his passwordr.

The following parameters are set in the UME configuration of the portal:

Security policies:

Properties Related to Logon IDs

Minimum Length of Logon ID: 1

Maximum Length of Logon ID: 12

Minimum Number of Digits in Logon ID: 0

Minimum Number of Special Characters in Logon ID: 0

Minimum Number of Lowercase Letters In Logon ID: 0

Properties Related to Passwords

Minimum Length of Password: 5

Maximum Length of Password: 14

Minimum Number of Mixed Case Letters in Password: 0

Minimum Number of Alphanumeric Characters in Password: 0

Minimum Number of Special Characters in Password: 0

Size of Password History: 0

Impermissible Passwords:

Password Maximum Idle Time: 0

Password Validity Period (Days): 99999

Allow Logon ID as Part of Password

Allow Old Password as Part of New Password

X Allow Users to Change Their Own Passwords

Enforce Password Security Policy at Logon

Notification E-mails:

Host Name of the SMTP Server: (this one is changed for security reasons)

Administrative E-Mail Addresses

System: l (Filled but not able to enter in the message)

Central Administrator: (Filled but not able to enter in the message)

Workflow: (Filled but not able to enter in the message)

Notification Events


X Self-registration successful


Creates New User

Deletes User Account

Locks User Account

Unlocks User Account

Resets Password


Administrator Approves Membership Request

Administrator Denies Membership Request

User Requests Membership (From Administrator)

Logon Help

X User Requests Password Reset

Import Function

Creates New User

Updates User

User admin UI:


X Enable Self-Registration of Guest Users

Enable Self-Registration for Companies

X Generate User Password Automatically

Display Contact Information Form During Self-Registration

URL for the Privacy Statement:

Version Number of the Privacy Statement: 1

Custom Attributes of the User Profile

Administrator-Managed Custom Attributes:

User-Managed Custom Attributes:

Publicly Viewable Custom Attributes:

Search Results and Display Tables

Maximum Number of Search Results: 1000

Warning Threshold for Large Search Results: 200

Number of Rows in Large Display Table: 20

Number of Rows in Medium Display Table: 10

Number of Rows in Small Display Table: 5

Logon Help

Require First and Last Names in Logon Help

Use a Predefined Security Question

Enable Security Question

X Disable Security Question

Sending an email from the SAP server using the SMTP protocol is working correctly also with the used emailadresses.

Can anyone please help??