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Mar 31, 2004 at 08:08 PM

Documentation & Examples: Generic Sync



Please excuse the rather long post, but I am completely stumped at the moment.

We are spec'ing a new development, fairly simple in that the contents of some customer-developed tables are requested by the mobile device. For this we think that generic sync'ing will work the best. The Java-side seems OK, the developer seems to be able to follow what is needed although it is not very clear on the documentation. The ABAP-side is dark-side-of-the-moon to us at the moment.

I cannot find any meaningful documentation on how to implement and use the generic sync. HTTP:// gives almost no information on this and goes into a lot of detail on SmartSync and SyncBO's etc which we don't need. Jan Wetzel stated in a reply to someone else's post "In Gen Sync, just reading the Gen Sync chapter + the Gen Sync example". Cool, but WHERE can I read this?!

I have also tried looking at function modules like ME_WIZARD but there is absolutely no documentation. One of the problems might be that the target system will be 4.7 which I do not have access to at the moment (4.6c is the best I can do at the moment).

Is it maybe as simple as creating a standard RFC function module and calling it from the mobile app? Or is there some other magic? What happens to the data container(s)?

So where do I get info on how to implement the ABAP side of things for ME Generic Sync? Can someone point me in right direction?

Just for further info: I am basically a standard, vanilla ABAP developer with <b>a little</b> 2nd hand experience of JCo. I have always left other languages alone, so please don't spout too much Java at me!

Thanks in advance,

Dries Venter