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Data Upload to E-Recruitment

Hello Experts,

I have a requirement of uploading data into a SAP E-Recruitment system. The source data is from a legacy system which will be provided in flat files. The data should be uploaded in E-Recruitment as if it is manually entered via a number of SAP standard WebDynpro applications namely:

1. Candidate Registration i.e. all steps involved in completing a candidate profile

2. Logon as a Recruitment Officer

3. Candidate Search

4. Assign Candidate to Talent Group

5. Create Activity - Questionnaire

a. Add Questionnaire

b. Complete Questionnaire

The Business Analyst has mapped the required business objects to the following database tables/infotypes:

HRP1000: Object - Candidate as Business Partner

HRP1000: Object u2013 Candidate

HRP1001: Relations - Candidate to Talent Group

HRP5110 - Contact Rule - Candidate

HRP5102: Information u2013 Candidate

HRP1001: BP - Central Person to Business Partner

HRP1001: CP - Candidate to Central Person

REC - Business Partner Address details

HRP5141: Questionnaire u2013 Candidate

HRP1001: Relations - Central Person to Person

I'm not sure if the above is a 100% correct mapping of the required business objects that needs to be created but it does give me a starting point towards analysing the target database tables.

From my experience in SAP, there is not much point in uploading the source data directly to the HRP tables (via LSMW) as there will be no checks and no integration as it would be in the case of manually saving data via the standard WebDynpro applications. BTW, I noticed that all these WebDynpros use calls to standard Class/Methods to integrate and save the user data after many many data checks (typical SAP application processing)..

I found a BAPI named `BAPI_ERC_APPL_CREATE_EXT` which looks promising but its most probably not going to be enough to upload all the required business objects on my list. Can anyone help in regards to other BAPIs that I would need?

Also, would you recommend writing a standalone program which calls these BAPIs (or calls Methods of a standard Class) to create these objects or use the BAPI method of LSMW after mapping the BAPI fields? May be there is a IDoc Message Type which I can map and then use within the LSMW so that I can then avoid writing the program? I only have about a week to complete this so a standard method of data migration would be fantastic if there is any?

Your thoughts and recommendations are much appreciated. Many thanks in advance!




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3 Answers

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    Posted on Jan 19, 2011 at 11:49 PM

    I found out the answers myself. Below is the solution to the requirement. No BAdI was required to be implemented.

    1. Create/Register External Candidates - I used FM HR_ERC_REGISTER_CANDIDATE to do this successfully.

    Note: This however does not allow creation of multiple communication details within its interface as a result I ended up using method MAINTAIN_TELEFON_DATA of class CL_HRRCF_CANDIDATE_BUPA_BL (after the FM call above) to load the multiple contact details of the candidate etc.

    2. Assign candidates to Talent Groups - I used method ASSIGN_CANDIDATE of class CL_HRRCF_TG_BL to do this.

    3. Create responses to candidate questionnaire - This is the tricky part where Infotype 5141 had to be created first then the questions in the candidate's questionnaire has to be read, answers have to be mapped to the correct question and finally the Questionnaire document with all the answers (i.e. the QA document) has to be created and marked as 'Complete' in the system.

    First, I used call method cl_hrrcf_activity_mgmt_pl=>create_qa_act to create the IT5141 for the candidate. Then, I used call method cl_hrrcf_questionnaire_pl=>read_questions to read all the questions of the candidate questionnaire, then mapped the answers to the right questions populating an internal table parameter of the next method call that would follow in the next step named 'IT_DOC_CONTENT'.

    Finally I used call method cl_hrrcf_questionnaire_pl=>save_qa to save the QA document marking it as 'Complete' for the candidate. The Questionnaire Activity was then completed which then could be viewed via the WebDynpro within the E-Rec Portal.

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    • Hi Vigneshwar,

      Last time I worked in an E-Recruitment was in 2010. Currently I don't have access to an E-Rec system and I have not worked with that particular BAPI or the Class that you've I guess you will have to figure it all by yourself. Sorry but I'm unable to help in this occasion. The BAPI should have some released documentation if it helps....Also I recommend searching OSS for FAQ on E-Rec.

      All the best.



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    Former Member
    Posted on Dec 15, 2010 at 11:44 PM


    You're right about the BADI. I believe you can do this uniquely with that.

    If you make some search you would come with thread:

    Please check that as well.



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  • Posted on Oct 09, 2013 at 10:33 AM

    Thank you Sougata for your reply,

    Now a we have found the solution for our requirement after searching in google and taken help from my friends.

    For creating Candidate information we using the below FM:


    For creating attachmnet and storing in content server and linked to the candidate in table HRP5134:




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