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Mar 26, 2004 at 03:42 PM

Starting a program within another one



in the past I've written several stand-alone-programs for all kinds of work. Now I want to pool them together into processes: each process consists of steps - and each step is represented by one of these programs.

For the users I'm writing a program in which these processes are displayed with the help of a tree - the steps being the leaves (and the tree showing on the left side - much like SAPEasyAcces). If the user selects a step, the corresponding report starts... But: the selection-screens and dynpros of these step-reports have to show up on the right side of my process-tree -> i really want to start the stand-alone-program WITHIN the tree-program! Is that possible? What does SE80 do (they start SE11, SE37 etc. within SE80)?

Thanks for any help - even if saying I'm trying in vein...