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Mar 26, 2004 at 03:26 PM

Visual Administrator Login Fail


Some context...

I just installed WebAS sneak preview 6.4, i was trying to set a DataSource different than the default (To an Oracle DB) and i found that with the Visual Administrator it could be done.

When I was trying to start de Visual Administrator I had an error : Cannot create new RemoteLoginContext

I read some of the post about this problem and I looked for my port configuration, and it was ok.

My port conf is:

http port = 50000

http over ssl port = 50001

p4 port = 50004

p4 over http port = 50005

p4 over ssl port = 50006

iiop port = 50007

telnet port = 50008

iiop initial context port = 50002

iiop ssl socket = 50003

jms port = 50010

Anyway when a try to get this information with telnet I had the following error:

There is no listener registered on the destination 2,571,150 for service "telnet


Then i looked from my installation logs and i got the port information that i wrote above.

I know the user and general password for the systems installed

j2eadm (j2ee engine's owner)

SAPServiceJ2E (windows services)

SAPJ2EDB (database user)

Administrator (j2ee engine's user)

Guest(j2ee engine's user)

They all have been set with the same password

My problems are:

1.- I can´t create a DataSource different than the default

1.1.- I can't open de Visual Administrator

1.2.- I can´t open a telnet connection

Can somebody help me?