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Mar 25, 2004 at 06:20 PM

Variable Exit: Capturing Variable Offset


In creating variables, you can set a variable offset for datea and numbers. No problem there.

However, I have a requirement to have a variable which is not a date or numeric key, but I would like to use variable offsets to make the creation of a rolling 12 period report easier.

I have implemented variable exits in which I calculate the previous period from user input no problem. But I would like to addtionally capture a variable offset so that I can do further calculations w/o having to code for each variable offset.

I have not seen anything in documentation about variable exits on this, but I would think it should be possible.


Variable w/ User input: Catalog Season

Variable Exit: Reporting Season offset - takes user input from above variable and looks up a sequence # which is part of the data. Takes that sequence number and subtracts whatever the variable offset is specified as and then looks up the corresponding Catalog Season and passes that a the selection.

I already have a previous period lookup (where the user puts in Catalog Season, and I calculate the same period previous year from their input in order to show % changes in period vs. previous period. This works like a champ.

But I would rather pull from a variable offset to make the selection more dynamic. Otherwise I would have to code a variable exit for each of the following:

User Input: 1st Catalog Season

Variable Exit 1: 1st Catalog Season - 1

Variable Exit 2: 1st Catalog Season - 2

Variable Exit 3: 1st Catalog Season - 3


Variable Exit N: 1st Catalog Season - N

It would obviously be easier to set a variable offset and just pull that in one exit.