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Mar 24, 2004 at 09:37 PM

need to submit this task tomorrow :((


Hi all,

could any one please help me as soon as possible. I need to submit this task tomorrow and am new to portals. I know how to create web templates, iViews etc.

but now, looks like I need to connect portal to ASP or XML or HTML (which ever is best..).

this is the task.

we need to have a page with 3 tabs (corresponds to 3 diferent iViews) on the left side of the page and when user clicks on the left tabs, corresponding iVIew should be displayed in the right side of the page.

I created 3 iViews and they are running fine individually. but now, i need to make hyperlinks to'z some thing like this

Portal page should look like similar to this


left page | right page


tab1(view1) |

tab2(view2) | displays "View" depending on the selection in the left page

tab3(view3) |


I greatly appreciate if you can advice me how to proceed and if possible with detailed steps as I need to submit this tomorrow.

I created an ASP / HTML page and wrote some coding so that when user clicks on the tabs, it goes to some link or url. this is for the left page.

but, now, how can i import that ASP / HTML file into portal and how can i map iViews to those tabs / links?

Where do i need to store the ASP /HTML files?

awaiting ur immediate help.