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Former Member
Dec 09, 2010 at 09:33 AM

XI Database problem


Hi All,

I have strange situation in XI Development, My server guys told that Database is full . Tables are

SAPXD2 SYS_LOB0000046998C00020$$ LOBSEGMENT PSAPXD2DB 83.062.784 10382.848 1.454 1- 0

SAPDAT SXMSCLUR TABLE PSAPDAT 48.761.856 6.095.232 864 1- 0

SAPDAT SXMSCLUP TABLE PSAPDAT 21.303.296 2.662.912 440 1- 0

Yesterday i checked the RWB---> ADAPTER Engine level and I seleted this year "all containing errors" I found more than 10000 error messages, I cancel all the messages in Adapter engine level. and i deleted the all cancel messages manually using this this note: 807615.

But still they are not find the free space in Database level.

And also i checked RWB---> Integration Engine level for this year "alll containing errors" I found more than 10000 system error messages, I am n't able to cancel these messages.

How i can delete these error messages from Integration engine,

My retention period is 20 days, I follow the maximum notes.

Please suggest me how we can solve this situation , Thank you very much.