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Mar 20, 2004 at 12:10 AM

File sytem Repository - What am I doing wrong?



We are on EP6.0 SP2 P03 HF02 / CM6.0 SP2 P03 HF01 / TREX 6.0 SP1 P03 HF01.

I'm trying to setup a file system repository but I'm having problems.

Here are the steps:

- portal server running on (PORTAL domain)

- shared out the directory "Office" on (same PORTAL domain) as "officeshare" and gave PORTAL\installuser full access to the share, everybody else has read permission to the share (installuser is a domain admin in the PORTAL domain)

- changed the user to PORTAL\installuser on the SAP J2EE services Dispatcher and Server, restarted servlet engine

- assigned PORTAL\installuser to the "Act as part of the operating system" and "Log on as a service" security policies, restarted server

- checked for the existence of a Windows system, "Microsoft_Windows_KM" was already there

- setup the "KMWindows_System" windows system template in the portal

- created the "KMWindows_System" sytem in the "KMSystems" folder of the Portal Content catalog based on the "KMWindows_System" template and gave the same alias to the system as my Windows system ("Microsoft_Windows_KM")

- setup the network path "officepath" to the shared directory "officeshare" as "

- setup the File System Repository Manager parameters as follows:

Name: fs_office

Localroot: //portals06/officeshare

Prefix: /officeshare

Windows Landscape System: Microsoft_Windows_KM

Lookup Mode: caseless

Security Manager: W2kSecurityManager

- restarted the portal server, just in case...

I'm not seeing the new repository in the explorer, I can not assign it to an index, etc.

What am I doing wrong here? Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank You!