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Dec 08, 2010 at 05:48 PM

Issue when opening a model inside source control repository


Hi All,

We are using source control repository (NWDI), Inside NWDI track, we created a SC and all our models are there inside this SC.

yesterday I modified some of the models, compiled it successfully in local system and then check in. Check in was successful.

Today when I try to open one of the checked in model, its not opening. Model is not opening by double clicking on model and also by right click and select open model option.In console its showing error as

[E] Model Serializer: Dangling pointer "target:AQK" in object "MultiMap CIB"
[E] Error trying to open unit 89D8A671018511E0C5AD002481AA21A6

What would be the issue??? Is it with VC or NWDI???