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Mar 19, 2004 at 01:42 PM

Selectively deleting transactions from Fact Table



I need to delete transactions from an 'E' fact table where a particular keyfigure is zero (and optionally up to 2 other keyfigures are also zero). But any or all of the other keyfigures in the transactions to be deleted could be non-zero.

(The usual 'reverse posting' method of setting all the keyfigures to zero, and then 'eliminating zeros' will not work in this case, because most of the keyfigures (except the 3 mentioned above) have aggregation set to maximum, which makes it impossible to 'reverse-post' the value in these keyfigures to zero)

Is there a SAP supplied program which will achieve this flexible selection for deletion based on zero in just a few defined keyfigures?? All I can find is program: RSCDS_NULLELIM, but this program will only delete transactions where ALL keyfigures are zero.

Alternatively, if we develop our own ABAP solution, then does anyone please have any tips, comments etc that would prevent any serious problems. I should add that there are no aggregates on the fact-table, so there should be no issue there.

Thx in advance,

Peter Thornber