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Mar 19, 2004 at 12:00 AM

AppIntegrator - HTTPRenderLayer ScriptIncludes



i am using EP60 SP1. i've downloaded and installed the Application Integrator component and used it to create iViews for accessing a web-based application in the intranet.

what i'd like to do is to add some scripting to the contents returned by this intranet web app. i read in the app integrator doc that i can include java scripts to the document returned by the web app. specifically, the HTTPRenderLayer as a property called ScriptIncludes, which takes a comma delimited list of java script file names.

i have two questions regarding the ScriptIncludes property.

#1 where do i set this property? it is NOT exposed in the iView that i created based on the application integrator component. do i have to create my own app integrator component, where i also define a HTTPRenderLayer and specify the java scripts in its properties file? do i need to create my own layer as well?

#2 where is the java scripts specified in ScriptIncludes property inserted in the resulting html document? if the intranet web app returns a html document that also includes java scripts, then will the scripts in ScriptIncludes be included BEFORE or AFTER these java scripts?

thanks much.