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Mar 18, 2004 at 10:52 PM



Dear .Net Connector experts,

We are in the process of writing an external .NET application which accepts IDOCS from our R/3 system using the .NET Connector.

The application design calls for storing the received IDOC data in the MS SQL database prior to confirmation of successful receipt to R/3.

We have not been able to throw an exception in case our SQL storage fails. (in other words, the IDOC was NOT received successfully)

In a reply to an OSS note we received the following suggestion:

"If you need TRFC transaction support, you should not use the SAPIDocReceiver class directly, but instead inherit your own class from it. "

"SAPIDocReceiver itself inherits from SAPServer that

has all the protected virtual members "CheckTransaction",

"CommitTransaction", "ConfirmTransaction", and "RollbackTransaction"."

"Overriding these functions will give you full control on

transaction management. The default implementation in SAPServer class always report success."

Has anyone done this before?

If so, could you send an example of this code to

Thanks in advance,


Ivo Robbrecht</i>

SAP Development Leader

Southwestern/Great American Inc

Nashville, TN