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Mar 18, 2004 at 10:56 AM

Single Sign On (SSO) used to authenticate to a webserver in iView


Hi folks,

complex question this time...

I try to create an iView that will get some information from a webpage (in detail it gets a business server page from a SAP Web AS). This server demands authentication to supply user specific information.

So far I provided the authent. data within the http request using:


Now what would be wonderful is to supply this information by Single Sign On (SSO). So the user who uses the iView will automatically get his personalized info without filling additional authent. dialogs.

Is there a possibility to authenticate automatically using SSO, or to send the certificate within the http request or if not, how can this data be accessed from within the app to do this by hand? If none of these approaches are possible, maybe one could use the user data of the portal (login/passw) if the user logged into the portal by SSO?

thx in advance for each comment or idea!