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Former Member
Mar 17, 2004 at 11:17 AM

Localization of PCD folder names possible?


Hi community,

I have some problems working with folders in the PCD editor. I am using EP6 SP2. As far as I figured out, there is no way to localize the folders titles (attribute, at least it's not working like I supposed it to be (same way as for iViews, pages and roles). Furthermore when transporting a PCD heirarchy with a transport package, all human-readable folder names are lost and replaced by the repective IDs. I found no way to rename the imported folders.

Regarding the second point, I found at, that this is a known issue ("works as designed"). However, I have trouble accpeting this, as from an end-user perspective this is inconvenient and makes browsing the portal catalog during a page personalization unusable.

Has anyone some great ideas or news on this? Will the current behaviour be changed in SP3 - or have I simply not found the "magical button"?