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Mar 16, 2004 at 10:58 AM

MVC and frames


Hi there,

I'm just creating my first bigger app using mvc pattern. I've thought about using frames for the layout so some parts of the site do not render over and over again.

The view of the maincontroller contains the frameset.

I'm creating a new subcontroller for the navigation in the DO_INIT method of my maincontroller. In the frameset I'm calling the subcontroller via bsp:call and the comp_id. The subcontroller calls a view in his DO_REQUEST method. Problem now is that I'm not able to display the content of that view. If I use the <htmlb:content> tag I get some error in the browser saying that I cannot use the tag more than once. Without <htmlb:content> it doesn't work either.

Unfortunately there is no "mvc with frames" tutorial...

Thanks for your help.