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Mar 16, 2004 at 10:50 AM

Mixing JSP with HTMLB



I try to mix JSP code with htmlb and it is not working as I want it to.

I try to create a tree with dynamic nodes, this using the htmlb tree which can be found in the documentation.

I open the tree static with:

<hbj:tree id="1" title="" rootNodeIsVisible="FALSE">

<hbj:treeNode id="rootinv" text="_" isOpen="TRUE">

I also close it later.

Inbetween I loop out the nodes and subnodes with the code:


<hbj:treeNode id="<%=p%>" text="<%=s%>" isOpen="FALSE">

<%}else if(Integer.parseInt(sMenuProdElements[k][3])==1){%>

<hbj:treeNode id="<%=p%>" text="<%=s%>"/>


I also have code for closing the treenode. I have tried with writing out plain text, so I know that it is writing the nodes in correct order.

How do I solve this issue. Should I save ready made htmlb code in the vector already in my dynpage and set it in the bean and then write it out in the JSP file. Anyone who had the similar problem who knows how to solve this issue?

Brgds// -Fred