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Dec 07, 2010 at 10:53 AM

Logging NC with rich POD



I'm currently working with the Rich POD. I'm trying to log NC on a SFC. When i use the standard POD, I can log NC and it wil be usable as a paramater in the scripting of the route to decide whether to scrap the sfc or not. So this works correctly.

When I use the rich POD, it will automatically, after logging NC and pressing complete, go to the next 'normal operation' which is the standard script for 'done'. Though the NC is logged in NC reporting, the script does not trigger to hold the sfc. It also seems weird to me that I have to log NC and press complete in the rich POD in contrast to the standard POD.

In both cases i'm using the same route. Are there extra settings to be made for logging NC in the rich pod? I'm using the standard rich pod SUBASSY_HORIZONTAL.


Manfred Klomp