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Dec 07, 2010 at 10:19 AM

Import to Consolidation "fails"


Hello everybody!

Currently I'm facing a problem when importing a request into consolidation using the Transport Studio. I create an activity in NWDS, change some source files (deployment from NWDS to development portal and testing there work fine) an finally check in, activate and release the activity. The request shows up in Transport Studio as expected. When importing the request into consolidation ("Import" in Transport Studio), this seems to work, but when checking the details of the request, I see something like "Propagatable:### exists allready in the repository. No import necessary" in the Repository-import details. The SDM-deployment-notification says "...RequestId: #### ==> no resulting DCs for deployment". But since we definitely changed source code and checked in changed files, I'd expect an import to be necessary, as well as a deployment. Well, after the import (which returns successfully), I see a new request to be assembled; after assembly, a new request waits to be imported to Test, but when importing (which returns successfully as well), the log says: "Step Repository-import ended with result 'not needed'".

What am I doing wrong ? This has worked flawlessly hundreds of times before...