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sc not transfered to backend rfc error after bapi_po_create1 ?

I have one user who's shoppingcarts are not transferred to the backend. when I try to transfer it manually with BBP_PD_SC_TRANSFER I get an rfc error after the bapi_po_create1

for the rest the whole system is functioning as it should but only for this user the shoppingcarts are not transfered. I also don't get any errors back from the bapi.

anybody got a clue what can be wrong with this particular user ?

I checked everything in ppoma but can't find any flaws or errors.

kind regards


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2 Answers

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    Dec 07, 2010 at 02:28 PM


    Did you check the Error Log in RZ20. There has to be something wrong in this shopping cart data. Is the SC Approved? What is the error shown by BAPI_PO_CREATE1?


    Virender Singh

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    • Hi,

      If you are working in SRM 7.0 .

      Please check this note 1447024 which is related to ECC 6.0

      Because of account assignment data in ECC 6.0 ,the problem is there in SRM

      In account assignment data for SERIAL NO enter 01 and try ,it will solve your problem.


      G.Ganesh Kumar

  • Apr 06, 2011 at 10:57 AM

    I have used the badi BBP_SC_CHANGE to change the account assignments with this coding

      LOOP AT et_item INTO wa_e_item.
        lv_acc_cnt = 0.
        LOOP AT et_account INTO wa_e_acct WHERE p_guid EQ wa_e_item-guid.
          lv_acc_cnt = lv_acc_cnt + 1.
        if WA_E_ACCT-distr_perc = 100 and WA_E_ACCT-acc_no <> 1 and lv_acc_cnt = 1.
          READ TABLE et_account into wa_e_acct with key p_guid = wa_e_item-guid.
          WA_E_ACCT-acc_no = 1.
          MODIFY et_account from WA_E_ACCT index sy-tabix.

    I have tested it with 2 shoppingcarts, at the first sc I did everything correct. in the second I made the error which was corrected by the badi BBP_CREATE_BE_PO_NEW

    in the second case the sc returned an rfc error 1 on bapi_po_create1 and in the first case it made the PO. I have compared all the data transfered to the BAPI and there were no differences. now I can only conclude that the BAPI checks the SC in the SRM system somewhere.

    now everything works fine through altering the SC instead of the data transfered to the PO

    kind regards


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