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User Input Flag for If/else boolean

Dec 08, 2016 at 05:51 AM


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Hi everyone,

I have a requirement building a Bex Report where besides the filter base on Characteristic from the Info Provider, user wants to be able to have a flag or checkbox, or a drop down menu where they are able to select Calculation method 1, The result will be calculated using Formula 1 and if they select calculation method 2, the result will be calculated using Formula 2. Or a Check box: if the box is check, calculate the result differently (using a different formula).

This Flag/Checkbox value is NOT in the InfoProvider. It is only the field for User to input at runtime together with entering values for the filters.

Hope to hear suggestion from you! Will definitely assign points for answers. Thanks so much.

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1 Answer

Cornelia Lezoch Dec 09, 2016 at 06:21 PM

Hi Gia,

when you say you want to calculate a result, you mean the reault lines in the query? or do you mean the "result" in a calculated key figure?

If it is the result line, you would need to create a button inside the application where the propertiy for the key figure of how to calculate results is switched.

If it is a calculated query, I would work with a formula variable, where the user can enter 1 or 2 for the dsired calculation method. Then create the formula with the logic - when formula variable = 1 use logic 1 else use logic 2 ...



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