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Dec 07, 2010 at 07:23 AM

How to assign value to a field presnt in any structure out of 4 in BapiExt.



My req. is as follows.

pls send me some ideas.

I have 4 structures that is used for BAPI extension value part 1- valuepart4.

Now i have one field s_fields_to_check-FIELDNAME (present out of stru 1- stru4)which can be present in any of the structures out of this 4.

I have one field 'wa_currwbs-' s_fields_to_check-FIELDNAME (s_fields_to_check-FIELDNAME is field name that can be present in any of the structure out of the 4 )whose vale need to be assigned to the field which is present in any 4 structure.

Ex: if the field is "name" then i have to assign the value of

wa_currwbs-name to ext1-name (if name1 is there in ext1)

wa_currwbs-name to ext2-name (if name is present in ext2) like this for other two strct.

How to achieve this.

Hope i am clear with the req.