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New field (Customer group 5) to be added to the Catalog for Pricing.

Hello friends,

For the creation of a new Condition table, I require the field, KNVV-KVGR5 i.e Customer group 5 field present in Sales area data ->Extras -> Additional data in Customer master to be added to the Catalog of allowed fields since this field does not exist anywhere.

I have already gone thru the threads available on adding New field for Pricing which has an example/detailed explanation with the Item category (PSTYVV) field.

But the field I want i.e KNVV-KVGR5, is a part of Master data, so please guide me with the steps to follow to add this field in the field catalog and hence use it for creation of a new condition table.

1) Should i add this field in KOMP (i.e item) or KOMK ( i.e Header) or KOMG?

2) Should i include it in KOMKAZ or KOMPAZ?

3) Should i create this field as data element or structure and what should be the domain used?

4) For the value flow, should i use the Item -level user-exits or Header level mentioned in other threads?

Please guide for the same urgently.

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3 Answers

  • Dec 07, 2010 at 10:16 AM


    Check SAP Note 531835 - Using field PSTYV in the condition access, it explains you how to add the field PSTYV (how to do the append, the userexit that you must use, etc...)

    Your doubts:

    KNVV is a table for header, in my opinion KOMK. If you do the append in KOMKAZ you will see it in KOMK.

    When you do the append, call the field ZZfield and use the same data element.



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  • Dec 13, 2010 at 10:27 AM


    Because this field is a field at customer master level and is relevant to the document header, you have to create this field in KOMK only. You actually dont need to worry about *AZ structures as updating in KOMK, or to be in simple to update in KOMG will serve the purpose.

    When you are adding the field, you can use the data element of KVGR* as available for other customer group fields in VBAK.

    In MV45AFZZ (RV60AFZZ in case of invoice) in the user exit USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE, you should code like this


    and your changes will be effected.

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    Dec 22, 2010 at 07:13 AM

    Dear Friends,

    I was finally able to create a new field for Cust.grp.5 i.e ZZKVGR5 and added to Catalog to be used for Pricing.

    Then i faced a peculiar issue as below:

    For the business requirement, we defined a new tax condition table for determination of tax rates. For this, we are using both standard and custom fields to derive the correct tax rates in sales/billing documents like below

    A859: Country/Distr. Chl/Cust.grp.5/Material (Here Customer.grp 5 was added following the SAP Note: 531835)

    The field was inserted in the communication structure KOMKAZ which is included in both KOMK and KOMP.

    During the document processing, the pricing analysis view shows no value in the customer grp 5 field, though it is maintained for the customer used in the sales order. The code has been written in MV45 and RV60 both as guided in SAP Note: 531835. But the values are not flowing.

    Solved the above problem as below:

    M posting the answer to help the community for similar issue.

    Also, the new field tat i had added was Customer Grp 5 field of Customer master ->Extras->Additional field and I wanted the value to flow in the ZZKVGR5 field before the Pricing for the sales order was called.

    After trying all, we have finally fetched the value from KNVV-KVGR5 and got it moved to ZZKVGR5 field through ABAP coding.

    After this when i select/click on Pricing for a particular item, it gets picked up correctly and properly.

    Thanks to everyone for their valuable guidance and help.

    Regards to all.

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