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Former Member
Dec 07, 2010 at 12:36 AM

Xcelsius formatting problem.


Hi Guys,

We are having a couple of problems with some formatting issues with our clients computer.

After we have finished creating our dashboard & save it, we open it up the next day and the object handles for resizing or moving the objects have gone haywire.

For example some Object handles are totally off the screen, others do not match the actual size of the object that they are supposed to.

Also when we change the font or size of the ticket on a label in the dashboard it does not change over when you prieview it.

We have figured out that if we open up the dashboard we orginally saved on our computer we have no problems, but when oped up on the clients computer it has these problems.

The client has the exactly the same software patches for Xcelsius and Excel as us.

Can anybody think of anything that may be affecting the clients computer to cause these problems?

Thanks you in advance,