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Mar 10, 2004 at 06:34 PM

How to include a JavaScript file in a BW Query iView



We have a BW iView which access data out of a BW Query. We export them as iView file and import them in to Portal, for integration. Under HTML tab of the BW Web Application Designer, I am editing the object tags, and writing some JavaScript code there, for Client side eventing between a Java iView on the same page and this BW iView.

How to copy the JavaScript code inside the BW iView in to a file and refer it, instead of writing the JavaScript code as inline content ?

This is what I did.

I went in to /sap/bw/Mime/BEx/JavaScript folder on the BW server, and created a MIME object as Text file and added all the JavaScript in to it, and saved it. I could able to edit it and save also. (I could not create the MIME object as javascript file, but only text file). But I could refer this file in the HTML code and invoke some javascript functions out of it. But when I change the javascript file on the BW server, it is not being refreshed, I keep getting the old code results. How to overcome this problem ? Is this process I am doing a approved one ?

Thank you very much,

Prasad Nutalapati.

SAP America, Inc.