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Payment Advice Customer

Dec 08, 2016 at 05:17 AM


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Hello Experts,

Is it possible to create payment advice FBE1 without assigning invoices. For instance, in FBE1 business wants to receive full amount like 55,000 and at the time of f-28 they will settle this amount with the invoices.

Is it technically possible, help needed.



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Naga Deepthi Chopparapu Dec 09, 2016 at 08:37 AM

Hi Rashida,

There is way to do. By using F-28 we can post an incoming payment to a GL A/c by selecting Charge off difference. The GL A/c can be named as “Incoming payments to be cleared” or whatever you feel suitable. This GL A/c Account has to be created under the Assets A/c in the Balance sheet. While posting the incoming payment entry it is important to mention the customer name in the Text /ref fields so that it will be a reference when we want to clear the customer later on. So the entry will be as follows

Bank A/c Dr.

To Incoming payments to be cleared A/c Cr. (Intermediary GL A/c)

After posting this entry the GL A/c will be showing open item for the payment received amount. Now when we decide to clear the invoices against the customer we can do that by using T code F-32.So the entry will be

Incoming payments to be cleared A/c Dr.

To Customer A/c Cr.

With this entry there will be no open items in the Intermediary GL A/c. and we have also cleared the Customer Invoice.

Even though there is a way I advise you to follow Down payment procedure which is lot more easy which can be used either for posting advance payments or bulk payments received from customer which can be settled later on against the invoices.

I hope it is clear.

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Naga Deepthi Chopparapu Dec 08, 2016 at 07:38 AM

Hi Rashida,

We cannot create a payment advice without assigning the invoices.The payment advice is generated for Vendors or Customers in order to show them the details of outstanding invoices payable or receivable.The main advantage of creating payment advice is to directly enter the payment advice number while making payment or receiving the payment instead of individually selecting the invoices.So while creating payment advice we have to assign the invoices.

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Hi Deepthi,

Thanks alot for the quick response.

Could you please advise is there any other option available other than Down payment to process customer payment into 2 steps 'Receiving the amount' and 'settlement of invoices'


Rash Bharmal