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Dec 06, 2010 at 11:50 AM

How to virtual characteristics based on calculated formula in Bex (%GT),ABC


Hi experts,

I would wonder if someone could answer me following question. Right now we are standing in front of following issue:

User wants to create an ABC analysis in BI 7, input 3 variables like A = 60 %, B = 30%, C = 10 % (e.g. of turnover key figure), based on formula created in Bex Query ( %GT KYF turnover)

Result looks like

Material ABC BexFormula%GT

Mat1 # 5%

Mat2 # 20%

Mat3 # 75%

So far so good -> and now, how to fill virtual characteristics "ABC" depending on this calculated key figure from bex?

Do you have any idea how to get the calculated information value "BexFormula%GT" and then fill virtual characteristics "ABC"?

I do know the how to's like:

"Use variable time references in currency conversions"

"Populating Virtual Characteristic and Highlighting the Values"

"Implementing Virtual Key Figure/ Characteristics Makes Query More Dynamic"

"Step By Step Process for Virtual Key Figures and Characteristics through BAdi"

I would appreciate any help from you

Thank you very much in advance

PS: We can not apply APD (RSANWB or RSDMWB), precalculate values. -> result should be flexible depending on user input.