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Mar 09, 2004 at 08:53 AM

MDM and synchronization of configuration data needed for master data


Hi there,

As we all know, successful master data distribution requires configuration that is the same in all systems. For example, I cannot distribute company code or plant related master data, if the company codes and plants are not configured in the recipient system.

I have several question regarding this:

1. How to identify exactly which configuration is required. For example: Business partners need Countries, regions, address versions etc. Material needs Material types, material groups etc. Does MDM provide this list per master data object ?

2. How to align the configuration across the system landscape. I know that Solution Manager provides some functionality, but not all. For example, Solution Manager cannot synchronize Plant addresses (yet). Also, is MDM integrated with Solution Manager ?

3. How to update non-SAP system with this configuration. Sometimes non-SAP systems need to receive master data, which can be achieved by using XI. But, how do we make sure that these non-SAP systems also receive the required configuration ?

Looking forward to anyone's reply to this !