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Mar 08, 2004 at 01:46 PM

DI : How do I use an existing batch???! Important!



I know i already posted this topic but im posting it again. And i'll post it again afterwards until someone arrives on this forum that knows the answer.

When adding a GoodIssue to SAP through the SAP DI,

I need to be able tu use an existing batchnumber so that the client knows where the product came from.

<b>Delphi Code:</b> (even if you dont program delphi you still get the idea)

<i>oGoodIssue.Lines.AccountCode := '_0000000000012';

oGoodIssue.Lines.ItemCode := 'A00001';

oGoodIssue.Lines.Quantity := 10;

oGoodIssue.Lines.Price := 5.5;

oGoodIssue.Lines.BatchNumbers.BatchNumber := 'Btch#4';

oGoodIssue.Lines.BatchNumbers.Quantity := 5;

intRetVal := oGoodIssue.Add;

if intRetVal <> 0 then


oCompany.GetLastError(intErr, StrErr);

strErrMsg := strErr;

booErreur := True;


So if im adding a GoodIssue and "Btch#4" doesnt exist,

SDK will create it, no prob.

But what i need is that Btch#4 DOES exist and I need GoodIssue to ascociate this GoodIssue with it.

So that i know that with "Batch#4" there was <b>25 that came IN</b>

and <b>10 that went OUT</b>

But when i specify a Batch number that exist there is a key violation... cause he try to create the batch insted of using it.