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Dec 06, 2010 at 07:06 AM

Issue with the sender file interfaces when using UTF-8 files


Hello experts,

We are having number of File to SAP interface scenarios in our business process. In the past, we are having the files coming to us in ASCII text format. Recently, because of the business process change(to handle multiple languages like Chinese), we are getting now the same files in UTF-8 format. So, we have changed the attribute File Type in the sender communication channel from Binary to Text and used encoding format as UTF-8.

Now, when we see the processed files in PI, we are missing the Header record in the message. For example, we have the PO interface in the following format:

Identifier Information

H PO header information

I PO Item information

I PO Item information

Once the file adapter picks this format kind of file and when we see the XML message in PI, it is just having only two Items information. The header part is not coming to PI at all and the message is trying to get processed inside SAP and therefore interface is failing.

Additional observations made:

u2022 We have checked the Document Offset field value too; it is initial for the interface.

u2022 We added an empty line in the UTF-8 text file, it worked fine. But, this is not an ideal solution for us, because the system which generates these files, canu2019t handle it.

Does any one has observed this kind of problem before? If so, can you please help me ...


Adithya K