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Mar 05, 2004 at 10:39 AM

BSP versus J2EE development


I read the topic 'Future of BSP'.

Actually SAP will have several development options on building WEB-applications: BSP, Webdynpro, plain J2EE development (with Jco). Could somebody clarify what is the best approach? I mean, there is not necessarily one best option but BSP could be fine for something and pure J2EE development on something. It varies according to requirements I think.

I am wrong if I say:

  • BSP is good for todays WEB programming as WAS6.40 is not publically available or at least customers does not have it.

  • BSP is good for small scale development ( not for large portals or shops ). You easily get results.

  • BSP is good if customer does not have existing J2EE architechture

  • BSP has some limited capabilities. I mean you could write as complex applications as HTMLB and clientside JavaScript allows you to do.

  • J2EE development is good if customer has previous J2EE applications and therefore intrastructure exists already

  • J2EE development is good for large scale development like portals and shops

  • J2EE development allows you to build as complex applications you like to

By the way, SAP promotes webdynpros from now on. But they are still making new development with J2EE world like their applications Internel Sales and Customer e-services for Utilities ( which both use J2EE and struts framework and Jco ).