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Dec 03, 2010 at 11:07 AM

Q: ChaRM vs QGate * Comparison and Relationship of ChaRM and Quality Gate


Comparison and Relationship between ChaRM (Change Request Management) and QGate (Quality Gate Management)

Dear ChaRM* and QGate* specialists,

Unfortunately I was so fare not able to really work out the relationship between ChaRM and QGate just from the documentation.

Maybe any of you can provide a comparison, and answer some of my questions:

a) can ChaRM and QGate co-exist on the same SolMan (yes)?

b) can both ChaRM and QGate be used for the same SolMan projects?

c) can one single transport request be assigned both to ChaRM and a QGate project?

d) would such a transport be created out of ChaRM or out of QGate?

e) as both ChaRM and QGate can trigger the (physical) transports/imports, which one would take control in a mixed environment?

f) how is the relationship getween the ChaRM cycle phase and the QGate phase?

Is there a process to keep this in sync?

Is there a double-check?

g) what kind of approvals are in place when both ChaRM and QGate are in use?

can there be some conflicts?

are there any automatic approvals in the one or other direction?

h) are there any outstanding capabilities that only ChaRM provides?

e.g. cross-system object locking, critical objects?

j) are there any outstanding capabilities that only QGate provides?

k) how would a feature comparison or a pro/con matrix look for ChaRM and QGate?

Many thanks,


*ChaRM: Change Request Management

*QGate: Quality Gate Management